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Lips classmate
Yen is called in karaoke by the number of matches of joint party from friends Tomonashie and Natsumi. However the remaining boy only the Takashil of the soccer club of an identical school. Tomonashie and Natsumi in the bonus find the partner respectively and slip out early. Left yen and Takashil. However, the Takashi in the way that not is even altogether, Two people who become good moods and kiss. After that, it goes to the hotel...!!

Sweat-absorbent manager
Refreshing huge breasts manager Shindou Ai of the soccer club, It associated with Senpai Namikawa. After it practices. The boy members left Ai and Namikawa only by two people taking care with. Then Ai pushes down Namikawa which does not take a shower on the floor, In fact Ai was diseased smell fetishism. A smell of Namikawa in particular seems to be preference. Ai just to lick a body of Namikawa clean...?

Soft poolside
Swimming club member Yuta, It was yearning to the girl director Minakawa of masculine in the huge breasts. After school in one day, Yuta that has taken a nap in the room, Minakawa that swims by the stark-naked in the pool of the night is witnessed. In fact because in Minakawa a race swimsuit is tight so sometimes thus it enjoyed the sense of relief. To secure privacy Minakawa "Insurance" was hung to Yuta...

Hunting group girls
Akihiko of the junior is invited by Three people, Nodoka it amuses oneself with the game, Yurie and Natsumi. However Nodoka have promised to the date and disperses early. Akihiko who longed for Nodoka secretly was shocked that it have a boyfriend but, Yurie and Natsumi tempt such him to the video game corner. When it enters the Print Club machine by three people, Natsumi deprives the lip of Akihiko, It tuck up clothes to let touch life breast...


Genre(s): Censored, Nudity, Manga, Sex. Soushisouai Note The Animation Episode 2

Soushisouai Note The Animation Episode 2


Added: Jun 1st, 2013

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Soushisouai Note The Animation Episode 1


Added: Feb 28th, 2013

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