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Public womans body flesh toilet lavatory set up as outlet of students habiting. To the Public lavatory very much, The student council president Reika has been chosen. It is restrained to the lavatory and it compulsion excretes. Moreover, Reika is deprived ahead of everyone until the virgin...

One side, Ryou Sakurai who gets excited by appearance of public lavatory. That sort of Ryous are Chika Takamine in a high peak that stares at lonely. In front of Ryou who invited it to home, Chika Takamine will become Public lavatory and an bathing suit appearance. Chika Takamine is so that meanses that become Ryous public lavatories, It fills with Ryous penis ones mouth...!?


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Koukai Benjo The Animation Episode 2


Added: Jun 26th, 2013

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Koukai Benjo The Animation Episode 1


Added: Mar 24th, 2013

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